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The 4 Dollar Vape Club is not your Daddy's shopping cart - no "add-to-cart", no "delete-from-cart" - that's so 2015.

Here at the 4 Dollar Vape Club, we just ask you to choose your preferences by using the sliders - easy peasy. Then based on how MUCH you vape and how much you DO like or DON'T like each flavor category, WE BUILD your order for you. No having to browse through pages of flavors trying to find what you like to fill your cart - you just told us what you like and we built the order for you.

"No delete or add? Are you crazy?"
We get this question a lot - and yes, we are crazy. But instead of adding or deleting items in your cart, you simple replace those items you don't want by clicking on them and replace them with something you do want.

"But what if I want more or less bottles per month?"
You simply change your Vaping Level on your preferences page and we'll delete your current order and replace it with one that better fits your new preferences (and the bottle count to fit your vaping level). Of course you can then replace any items you want to - even doubling or tripling up on your favorite flavor.

TIP: You can even replace a bottle with a nicotine level higher or lower than your preference.