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Our Rewards Program is now online... wait for it... we call it... 4 FOR FREE. The idea is, refer 4 friends and your juice is free. But wait, where's the fine print?

the fine print:
For every bottle your friends that you referred purchase, you get 1 point, and for every 4 points earned, you get a free bottle of juice.

Or you can save up your points and cash them in for really cool things... like... cash! or that new mod you've always wanted and got to have, or maybe a cool custom t-shirt, or maybe a cool hat.

But to get back to the name, "4 for free":
If you refer 4 friends and they are on the 11 bottle plan, your 11 bottle order each month is absolutely free (if you're not saving your points for something else) It just doesn't get much easier than that!

Your friends MUST be referred to the site by you and signup using YOUR refer-code, which you can find on your MY INFORMATION page when you are logged in. If you want to send them to the site using a link in an email, the link would look like (replace rwblogpost with your refer-code) This will cookie their device with your referral code so when they join our club, the signup page will pre-fill in your referral code in the form.