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Cream Flavors

50/50 Orange Cream
flavor 50/50 Orange Cream
your favorite combination of orange and creamy vanilla bar
Banana Strawberry Cream
flavor Banana Strawberry Cream
fresh strawberries and cream with a hint of banana
Dragon Blood
flavor Dragon Blood
dragon fruit blended with strawberries & smooth cream
Key Lime Yogurt
flavor Key Lime Yogurt
the famous sweet key lime kick with a tart yogurt finish
Strawberry and Cream
flavor Strawberry and Cream
flavorful blend of fresh strawberries & smooth cream

Custard Flavors

Brown Sugar Custard
flavor Brown Sugar Custard
rich and creamy vanilla custard with brown sugar
Sea Salt Caramel Custard
flavor Sea Salt Caramel Custard
a sweet and savory caramel in a vanilla custard base
Toffee Custard
flavor Toffee Custard
our famous creamy custard with a savory toffee kick
Triple Berry Custard
flavor Triple Berry Custard
custard with blueberries, strawberries & raspberries
Ultimate Vanilla Custard
flavor Ultimate Vanilla Custard
straight up french vanilla flavor with a creamy custard

Cereal Flavors

Krunch Berries
flavor Krunch Berries
sweet & fruity cereal with light milk flavor
Lucky Leprechaun
flavor Lucky Leprechaun
marshmallow style cereal with light milk flavor
Pebbles Cereal
flavor Pebbles Cereal
very fruity cereal with light cream and milk
Strawberry Milk
flavor Strawberry Milk
cool milk with strong strawberry flavor
Toasted Cinnamon Krunch
flavor Toasted Cinnamon Krunch
sweet cinnamon cereal with a creamy milk undertone

Candy Flavors

Blue Pom Pom
flavor Blue Pom Pom
blueberry candy with a strong pomegranate twist
Blueberry Cotton Candy
flavor Blueberry Cotton Candy
famous carnival cotton candy with a hint of blueberries
Lemon Starburst
flavor Lemon Starburst
lemon flavored chewy candy bring on a burst of flavor
NRD Rope
flavor NRD Rope
fruity and sour with a sweet licorice chew
Watermelon Bubble Gum
flavor Watermelon Bubble Gum
lightly sweet with a strong watermelon flavor

Dessert Flavors

Apple Crumble
flavor Apple Crumble
fresh baked apple pie with lightly cinnamon topping
Cinnamon Buns
flavor Cinnamon Buns
savor those famous cinnamon buns, but better
Gammys Peach Pie
flavor Gammys Peach Pie
freshly baked peach pie with a buttery crust flavor
Rasberry Cheesecake
flavor Rasberry Cheesecake
lightly sweetened raspberries in a creamy cheesecake
Strawberry Donut
flavor Strawberry Donut
a freshly baked donut with strawberry filling

Drink Flavors

Bahama Mama
flavor Bahama Mama
that island blend of tropical fruits and rum
Baja Blast
flavor Baja Blast
a combination of refreshing lemon lime soda and berries.
Scooby Snack Shot
flavor Scooby Snack Shot
blend of melon liqueur, fresh juices and whipped cream
Southern Sweet Tea
flavor Southern Sweet Tea
a slightly sweetened iced tea with a hint of southern peach
Sunny Capris
flavor Sunny Capris
strawberry and kiwi flavored drink without the pouch

Fruity Flavors

Double Apple
flavor Double Apple
combo of granny smith and fuji apples
Great Grape
flavor Great Grape
a very strong and sweet grape flavor
Melon Burst
flavor Melon Burst
a mingling of watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupes
Pineapple Coconut
flavor Pineapple Coconut
blend of tropical pineapple and coconut
Triple Berry
flavor Triple Berry
strawberries with raspberries and other assorted berries

Minty Flavors

Berry Mint
flavor Berry Mint
wild berries with a minty finish
Blue Island Slushy
flavor Blue Island Slushy
that cooling flavor of the big blue island
Extreme Mint Ice
flavor Extreme Mint Ice
extreme flavor combination of mint and menthol
Skinny Mint
flavor Skinny Mint
flavor of the famous thin mint cookie we all know and love
Watermelon Mojito
flavor Watermelon Mojito
a refreshing mojito style drink flavored with watermelon

Menthol Flavors

Fire and Ice
flavor Fire and Ice
mighty mix of mint and cinnamon - best of both worlds
Frozen Pomegranate
flavor Frozen Pomegranate
soothing blend of menthol and pomegranate
Frozen Strawberry
flavor Frozen Strawberry
a delicious blend of strawberry and menthol
Frozen Watermelon
flavor Frozen Watermelon
soothing blend of mint, watermelon and menthol
Menthol Nu Port
flavor Menthol Nu Port
menthol tobacco with more mint notes

Tobacco Flavors

American Blend Tobacco
flavor American Blend Tobacco
a blend of smooth and mild tobacco flavors
Classic Red Tobacco
flavor Classic Red Tobacco
the classic tobacco with the red wrapper
Ultra Light Tobacco
flavor Ultra Light Tobacco
a smooth easily vapable blend of light tobacco flavors
Vanilla Caramel Tobacco
flavor Vanilla Caramel Tobacco
a buttery blend of tobacco, french vanilla & caramel
Whiskey Tobacco
flavor Whiskey Tobacco
our mild tobaccos blended with a light hint of whiskey